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Upstream Reads - Books about gender, race and maths

These books are available for you to read in the mathematics and informatics faculty library and can be found via HEIDI

  • Allison Henrich et al. (Ed.): Living Proof: Stories of Resilience Along the Mathematical Journey. Am Math Soc. 2019.
  • Pamela Harris et al. (Ed.): Testimonios: Stories of Latinx and Hispanic Mathematicians. Am Math Soc. 2021.
  • Eva Kaufholz-Soldat, Nicola M.R. Oswald (Ed.): Against All Odds: Women's Ways to Mathematical Research Since 1800. Springer. 2020.
  • Roshdi Rashed: Founding Figures and Commentators in Arabic Mathemcatics. Routledge. 2019.
  • Margot Lee Shetterley: Im Kernschatten des Mondes - Die unbekannten Heldinnen der Nasa. HarperCollins. 2020.
  • Claudia Henrion: Women in Mathematics: The Addition of Difference. Indiana Univ Press. 1997.
  • Eugenia Cheng: x+y: A Mathematician's Manifesto for Rethinking Gender. Profile Books. 2020.
  • Caroline Criado Perez: Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men. Vintage. 2020.
  • Sara N. Hottinger: Inventing the mathematician: Gender, race, and our cultural understanding of Mathematics. SUNY Press. 2016.
  • Margaret Anne Marie Murray: Women becoming mathematicians: Creating a professional identity in post-World War II America. MIT Press. 2001.
  • Betty Anne Case (Ed.): Complexities: Women in Mathematics. Princeton University Press. 2005.
  • Luke Howard Hodgkin: A History of Mathematics: From Mesopotamia to Modernity. Oxford Univ Press. 2013.