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Upcoming Events by upstream

14.03.: International Day of Mathematics

20.04.: First lunchbreak of the semester - Topic: Welcome back upstream!

27.04.: Field trip to SAS. Please email us to apply for a spot. This is an all-day event.

28.04.: Girls'Day! You can find all workshops offered by Heidelberg University on the offical Girls'Day website. Programm via MINTmachen.

05-06.05.: Workshop "Networking for Women* in STEM" with Dr. Angelika Wolf. Again, please email us for a spot! This is a two-day event.

11.05.: Lunchbreak with management consultants from d-fine - Topic: What is consulting and what can mathematicians do at a consulting firm?

21.05.: Joint online event with the Bonn Tea Time with Women in Math - Teatime Heidelberg/Bonn!

08.06.: Lunchbreak with Frau und Beruf Mannheim - Topic: career planning, their services and questions for consultation

29.06.: Upstream field trip to the office of consultancy group d-fine. Please email us to apply for a spot. This is an all-day event.

06.07.: Joint lunchbreak with the Bonn Tea Time with Momen in Math - Topic: Mental health, resilliance and stess in studients an within academia with Prof. Dr. Monika Sieverding

15.07.: Upstream Studientag for High School Students with an interest in Mathematics.

All lunchbreaks will be held 13:00-14:00, Mathematikon Common Room (INF 205, 5th floor).






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