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The thematic unit Flagship 3, dedicated to research and education with a focus on digitization, modeling, and transformation, is led by Heidelberg University and the University of Copenhagen, and administrated at IWR/HGS MathComp. As a PhD student at Heidelberg University, you can benefit from this partnership and the close connection between 4EU+ and HGS MathComp in several ways:

  • Mobility funding for events at partner universities, such as summer schools, PhD workshops, and conferences, as well as for individual stays.
  • Stipends for participation in 4EU+ events.
  • Funding through grant calls published by 4EU+.
  • Courses taught by experts from partner universities, given at HGS MathComp.
  • Participation in online courses offered by partner universities, listed in the 4EU+ Student Portal.
  • Exchange and collaboration with PhD peers from partner universities.

Current opportunities for doctoral candidates are listed on the 4EU+ website. Selected events are also listed in our event calendar and will be communicated directly through other HGS MathComp communication channels.

If you have questions or are interested in getting involved in 4EU+ activities, please contact us.