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Romberg Program

With its founding in 2007, HGS MathComp implemented the distinguished Romberg Program. With this program, the graduate school invites leading researchers working in a relevant field for a stay of typically two months. The guests invited via the Romberg Program participate in joint research and make substantial contributions to the training program by complementing the teaching done by the members or by disseminating their latest research results at the school.

Appointments are possible in the categories Romberg Visiting Professor and Romberg Visiting Scholar. Candidates for the Romberg Program are nominated by HGS MathComp Principal Investigators. This is done via annual calls for proposals. Applications are evaluated by the HGS MathComp Executive Committee and the IWR Executive Committee. Researchers interested in the Romberg Program are encouraged to contact HGS MathComp members to discuss potential collaborations to be considered for future calls.

Current Romberg Scholars @ HGS MathComp

2023 Romberg Visiting Scholar

Dr. Tiangang Cui • University of Sydney

Tiangang Cui is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Mathematics at the University of Sydney. He has previously held positions at Monash University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the ExxonMobil Corporation. His research interests are broadly in computational mathematics for scientific machine learning and data science. Specifically, he develops dimension reduction and scalable tensor computation methods for solving statistical inverse problems, data assimilation and uncertainty quantification.

2023 Romberg Visiting Professor

Prof. Antonio Capella Kort • National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

Antonio Capella is a tenured Researcher Scientist in the Mathematics Institute at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). During his academic career, he held a position at CIMAT and was appointed head of the Applied Mathematics division at IPICYT, both of Mexico's National Laboratories. Besides his academic career, he worked in the oil industry and consults for the financial sector. His research interests include applied analysis, partial differential equations, calculus of variations, mathematical modeling, and inverse problems. He has been working for many years in pattern formation in material science, and recently, he has been focusing on using tools from applied analysis, calculus of variations, and PDE theory to develop efficient algorithms to solve inverse problems with uncertainty quantification.

Overview Romberg Visiting Professors and Visiting Scholars

HGS MathComp is proud to have welcomed the following Romberg Visiting Professors and Visiting Scholars:

2023 - Prof. Antonio Capella Kort (National Autonomous University of Mexico, MX) • Romberg Visiting Professor
2023 - Dr. Tiangang Cui (University of Sydney, AU) • Romberg Visiting Scholar
2022 - Prof. Heather J. Kulik (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US) • Romberg Visiting Scholar
2022 - Prof. Leonid Berlyand (Pennsylvania State University, US) • Romberg Visiting Professor
2021 - Prof. Francesca Bonizzoni (Augsburg University, DE) • Romberg Visiting Scholar
2019 - Prof. David J. Silvester (University of Manchester, GB) • Romberg Visiting Professor
2018 - Prof. Colin Fox (University of Otago, NZ) • Romberg Visiting Professor
2017 - Prof. Huan-Xiang Zhou (University of Illinois at Chicago, US) • Romberg Visiting Professor
2016 - Prof. Robert Scheichl (University of Bath, GB) • Romberg Visiting Professor
2015 - Prof. Michael Unser (Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, CH) • Romberg Visiting Professor
2014 - Prof. Donald Richards (Pennsylvania State University, US) • Romberg Visiting Professor
2013 - Prof. Richard W. Longman (Columbia University, US) • Romberg Visiting Professor
2012 - Prof. Mitchell Luskin (University of Minnesota, US) • Romberg Visiting Professor
2011 - Prof. Andro Mikelic (University of Lyon, FR) • Romberg Visiting Professor
2010 - Prof. George C. Papanicolaou (Stanford University, US) • Romberg Visiting Professor
2008 - Prof. Hoang Xuan Phu (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, VN) • Romberg Visiting Professor