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Welcome to HGS MathComp!

The Heidelberg Graduate School for Mathematical and Computational Methods in the Sciences (HGS MathComp) welcomes you as a PhD student if you use mathematical or computational methods in your research. Membership is not limited to students from mathematics, computer science, and scientific computing, but a significant number of our members come from the natural and life sciences, as well as disciplines in the humanities.

We support you through

  • offering an individual training program,
  • supplying a mobility program to attend conferences, workshops and summer schools,
  • building an international training network based on guest visits, joint training activities and exchange of young researchers with partner institutions,
  • improving research quality through guidance offered by the thesis advisory committee, and
  • preparing you for the next step in your career, either in academia or in a company and public institution.

HGS MathComp invites not only doctoral students at Heidelberg University to join, but also welcomes international PhD candidates as guest members.

Our Upstream Program specifically supports women in science and aims to plug the so-called ‘leaky pipeline’, the disproportionately low number of female scientists, particularly in higher levels of academic positions. With Upstream, we also embrace all other kinds of diversity and seek new ways of making diversity visible, improving acceptance of diversity, and harnessing the power of our diverse membership to develop a strong program for young researchers.

Dr. Michael Winckler
Administrative Director
HGS MathComp