The Post-Bachelor program is a project summer school of HGS MathComp. In scientific projects participants get first hand experience on doing own research in one of the key labs of the graduate school (applied mathematics, computer science, theoretical chemistry, computational physics, systems biology ...). This serves as an introduction to a possible entry into the postgraduate and PhD programs at Heidelberg University.

The summer school is organized in cooperation with the international summer school of Heidelberg University. Students in their last year of bachelor or immediately after their bachelor studies are invited to join an interdisciplinary summer school for mathematics and computer science.

Program outline

The main program phase has an intense focus on research complemented by an optional lecture program in mathematical modelling, numerical mathematics, image processing and scientific computing. Students will be integrated into one of IWR's labs to work on an own research question, supervised by a PhD student.

For students staying in the program over summer, participation in a culture and language training in cooperation with the central summer school of Heidelberg university is an optional second phase of the post bachelor program.


HGS MathComp invites candidates from all over the world to join this program as guest students of the graduate school. The training duration can be negotiated individually, but must last at least six weeks.

The school negotiates coverage of all fees, travel expenses, insurance and accommodation on an individual level with each applicant. Several sponsoring programs (Heidelberg University, DAAD, ...) are included to ensure maximum coverage of all costs.

Students from HGS MathComp cooperation institutes as well as candidates from higher education institutions around the world joined this program since its first installment in 2013 (see the list of participants for records of students who participated in the program).

Remark: The program is implemented with a mirror program at the research cluster   CellNetworks. The conditions for participation are similar - if your research interests are in the area of cellular biology, you might also want to check out their   post bachelor program.


Due to a change in the funding structure of HGS MathComp, the program for 2019 will be smaller then last year. We advise all candidates to thoroughly prepare their application data and make sure to select one or two principal investigators as possible hosts for their project.

Please consult the   application webpage for a detailed introduction on the application process.