HGS MathComp Fellows' Seminar

Basic Idea and Format of the Event


The idea of the HGS MathComp Fellows Seminar is to establish a regular HGS-wide event,
where topics of general interest are presented in such a way that they are
understandable for a wide audience.

Each seminar will consist of 1-3 introductory, interesting and entertaining talks on
computational methods, applications thereof, or cool science in general.

After the scientific program there will be pizza/other food and drinks in the common room
to get to mingle with the attendees.

ECTS Points


Other than the good time, free food and drinks you're getting, you will also receive ECTS points

for your participation:

  • 1 ECTS point for attending four times
  • 1 ECTS point for giving a talk


Want to give a talk?

If you like the idea of our seminar and would like to give an introductory and interesting
talk on your research subject, please contact the fellows' speakers who organize the event

  • hgsfellows_speakers@iwr.uni-heidelberg.de


Coming next

  • The 22nd Fellows' seminar will take place on May 30th, 2018 at 18:15 hrs, conference room, 5th floor, Mathematikon A. The talk will be held by Kevin Stein. After the talk there will be food and cold drinks in the common room on the 5th floor.
  • The next seminars are on 18.07.2018 and 24.10.2018, 6 pm.