Exciting Get-togethers and more

The Format

  • How about getting in touch with one of your favourite mathematicians, or talking to an influencing stakeholder from industry or the university environment?
  • How about enjoying sandwiches, English tea and some home-made cider while listening to an interesting life talk?

The newly established HGS MathComp Firesite Chat is organized by students and for students. Famous and interesting people of your choice are invited to let us learn from their experiences. 

  • How to start a university career?
  • Does the industry working environment offer more flexibility?
  • How to keep life in balance when you are a mathematician?
  • Does the HGS MathComp meet your expectations of a graduate school?

The guest of the HGS Fireside Chat is interviewed by two students. Before the chat starts, the selected audience has the possibility to write two questions on a card, that might be also asked by the interviewers.

If you want to suggest a person for a talk, or to be an active player of the chats please   contact the Fireside Team!

During the HGS Fireside Chat we will enjoy the cuisine of the classical English tea time.

For this purpose we collect recipes for the best sandwich of the world from the audience (  mail to chef de cuisine).