Dragon Boat Racing

11th Heidelberg Dragon Boat Cup (July 23, 2016)


Everybody is invited to join the race!


Bartosz Bogacz

Doctoral Fellow HGS MathComp
IWR, INF 205, Room 5/215, 69120 Heidelberg
Email:  bartosz.bogacz@iwr.uni-heidelberg.de


== Date & Location ==
 * the event takes place on Saturday, July 23, 2016 near the BBQ areas on Neckarwiese
 * runs are scheduled between 09:30h and 19:00h

== The Basics ==
 * we need 18 boat(wo)men and a drummer
 * we should have two or three substitutes
 * there will be one practice session which is mandatory
 * the race distance is between 250m and 300m per run (upstream)
 * you will get wet (and just in case you should be able to swim...)

== The Classes ==

 * there are ''Fun Teams'' and ''Professional Teams'', we are going for FUN
 * Fun Teams are divided in ''Fun Open'' (18 crew members, any combination of male and female paddlers) and ''Fun Mix'' (18 crew members, including at least 6 female paddlers)

-> the person operating the drum can be of any gender and does not count towards the "Fun Open/Mixed" team limit!

== The Audience ==
A good race comes with BBQ & Trophies, and it needs cheer, support, encouragement & applause. For all this holds: the more the merrier. Anyone who decides not to join the crew, might still want to join the club ;-)

Pictures from 2015

Pictures from 2014

Pictures from 2012

  Go Pro Recording of a race run from 2012 (the boat next to HGS is KIP)

(18 paddlers / 1 drummer / x substitutes in case someone is sick or traveling or on vacation)

Current team members (2016)

  •  Andreas Beyer
  • Bartosz Bogacz
  • Julia Portl
  • Bastian Rieck
  • Maria Rupprecht
  • Enrique Guerrero
  • Lutz Büch
  • Christina Pietsch
  • Ole Klein

Misc Info

  • four boats start in every race run
  • three or four runs per boat in total
  • last year 40+ teams signed up
  • we should sign up rather sooner than later before the best dates for parctice sessions are taken
  • there is an official "After Race Party" at 20:00
  • we need a tent or pavilion to change clothes and store beverages
  • every team gets a trophy
  • the mandatory practice session is included in the starting fee
  • boat and navigator are provided by the organizer
  • life jackets are also available but not mandatory

Link Website:

  Heidelberg Dragon Boat Cup