HGS MathComp Chess Tournament

1st HGS MathComp Chess Tournament (June & July 2015)

The Heidelberg Graduate School of Mathematical and Computational Methods for the Sciences proudly hosted the 1st HGS MathComp Chess Tournament. The event took place in June and July 2015.

== The Winners ==

  • 1st Place: Alex Isakson
  • 2nd Place: Andreas Maurischat
  • 3rd Place: Ruben Garske
  • 4th Place: Mohammad Ghanavati

Congratulations to all winners!

== Date & Location ==

The event took place in June and July 2015 at the IWR, Heidelberg University.

== Basics of the Tournament and Game==

  • The tournament is open for all members of the HGS MathComp and the IWR.
  • Swiss-system tournament - the number of rounds will depend upon the number of participants. The basic rules for the Swiss system can be found here.
  • Each player has 30 minutes of playing time, which will be controlled by digital chess clocks.
  • The rules are FIDE rapid play chess rules.
  • It is a draw if the players repeat a same move three times.
  • The first three players with the highest score will receive a prize.

== Registration==

  • The registration is closed.

== Contact ==


The organizers sincerely thank the following sponsors for making this event possible:

  Springer-Verlag GmbH

Universität Heidelberg