Modul FÜK (Fächerübergreifende Kompetenzen)

As part of FÜK (Fächerübergreifende Kompetenzen) the HGS MathComp and the IWR offer a new module. It covers courses which provide proficiencies in different disciplines and soft skills.

The module has been updated for the winter semester 2018/2019

From now students and PhD candidates can receive 3 ECTS if they attend 15 lectures of the IWR Colloquium or lectures and talks offered by the HGS MathComp. The applicable courses for the module of the ongoing winter semester can be found at the following web pages:

For crediting talks and lectures you need to pick up the relevant form at the following office:

Ms. Anne Paulski
Mathematikon, Room 5/234
Im Neuenheimer Feld 205
69120 Heidelberg

The module works as follows:

  • Pick up the form at the office of Ms. Anne Paulski.
  • Choose from the available talks and lectures.
  • After you have attended a talk or lecture you need the signature of the lecturer on your form (otherwise it won't be counted for the module).
  • Make sure to keep the form until you have attended 15 talks or lectures.
  • In order to receive 3 ECTS you need to hand in the completed form at the office of Ms. Paulski.

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