Application to HGS MathComp and associated GKs

Heidelberg Graduate School HGS MathComp

There are four ways to apply. Please select the way best suited for your interests and submit your application through the appropriate webform.

1) You do mathematical and/or computational modeling as a major part of your PhD project at Heidelberg University? Then membership in HGS MathComp is a good choice for you! Become a member of a structured PhD program that aims at supplying quality education for young researchers of all faculties.

2) You plan your PhD at Heidelberg University within the area of Scientific Computing? Then an application to our scholarship program is an option. We offer several lines of scholarship programs (see below). The scholarship sum is 1468 Euro per month (tax free; duration: 36 months). All doctoral students are integrated into the education program of the Graduate School.

3) Apply as a candidate to the structured PhD program and search for a possible supervisor (PI). The administration of HGS MathComp offers the students' data to selected principal investigators to initiate a contact between student and supervisor. 

4) Apply as member of the associated Research Training Groups GK 1653 (  Register)

Application to the faculty (to be accepted as a doctoral student) and to the graduate school (for membership and/or scholarship) are two different processes! Usually students apply to the graduate school first and after acceptance by the school and a supervisor start their PhD project with the faculty.

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1) Membership



After you have completed the form, the HGS office will contact you to coordinate the application process. Application deadlines are four times per year:

  • January 1st
  • April 1st
  • July 1st (upcoming deadline)
  • October 1st

Your interview incl. presentation will usually be scheduled within four weeks of the next application deadline.

Important: If you do not have a preliminary agreement with a principal investigator of HGS MathComp to be accepted as a doctoral student, you cannot use this registration form.

2) Scholarship Application


Currently there is no open call for scholarships at HGS MathComp.

3) Candidate Pool



The HGS MathComp offers the possibility to apply as a candidate to the structured PhD program. Please submit your

  • personal data,
  • grades,
  • CV
  • fields of interest

After the application to the candidate pool, HGS MathComp offers the students' data to selected principal investigators to initiate a contact between student and supervisor. In case of a match in interests and project plans the supervisor will guide the candidate to apply for membership in the graduate school and to start a PhD project. Candidates are deleted from the candidate pool six months after the application.