Friends: Additional Graduate Colleges

IGK 710 Complex Processes

Heidelberg Graduate School HGS MathComp

The   International Graduate College IGK 710 "Complex processes: Modeling, Simulation and Optimization" is a graduate college funded by the German Science Foundation. The IGK 710 is fully integrated into HGS MathComp: All members of the graduate college are also members of the graduate school and take part in the education program provided by HGS MathComp.

GK 850 Molecular Modelling

Heidelberg Graduate School HGS MathComp

The   Graduate College 850 "Modeling of Molecular Properties" is also an integral part of our graduate school. While located in the Faculty for Chemistry, this graduate college shares the main topics of research with HGS MathComp: Mathematical modelling of application problems, computer-based simulation and optimization. The combination between graduate college (for education and interdiciplinary exchange) and graduate school (for research and appliaction) is an link between these two institutions.

GK 1653 Spatio/Temporal Graphical Models and Applications in Image Analysis

Heidelberg Graduate School HGS MathComp

The   Research Training Group 1653 "Spatio/Temporal Graphical Models and Applications in Image Analysis" is located at the   Heidelberg Collaboratory for Image Processing, one of Heidelbergs "Industry on Campus" projects, established in the context of the German excellence initiative. Granted by the   DFG in November 2009, the Research Training Group 1653 is an additional interdisciplinary branch of doctoral projects comprising topics of applied statistics, optimization and image processing, with a focus on the representation and analysis of empirical data using graphical models. All doctoral students of the group are members of HGS MathComp as well and share the common education program.