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Scientific Visualization


Visualization is indispensable for understanding and communicating scientific results. We use images, graphs and animations to share ideas in research and to condense those huge amounts of data which are acquired within diverse experimental settings, data collections, and computer simulations, all increasing in accuracy and resolution. Some of them share our 3D space and time experiences, others have a rather abstract background with the challenging task to make them correspond to our common spatio-temporal experiences.

The objective of the specialization "Scientific Visualization" is to generate meaningful visualizations for the exploration of the acquired data. These visualizations have to be fast and interactive in order to give feedback to the user which enables self exploration. The tools to be developped have to find the most significant critical changes or hot spots in high dimensional spaces and condense these features in projections dealing with colors, space and time. Therefore the training involves mathematical skills in dynamical systems, curvature analysis, graph theory, topological invariants and abstract thinking. On the other hand the focus is on good programming skills regarding parallel multicore programming, the use of graphical embedded systems, sorting strategies, image analysis and image processing.

Researchers in this field

  Dr. Susanne Krömker

  JunProf. Heike Leitte

  Prof. Filip Sadlo

Course Offerings / Tentative Study Plan:

Foundation Courses

These courses are offered as part of the Computer Science Curriculum.

Other courses relevant to this specialization

Computer Science:


Seminars & Practicals

  • Seminars covering recent topics in visualization techniques
  • Advanced practical in the areas of numerical geometry, interactive embedded systems programming

Application Fields (18 ECTS)

  • Geoinformatics
  • Biosciences
  • Medical Data Technology
  • Archaeology
  • Other fields as approved

Sample Plan of Study

Winter Term 1

Summer Term 1

Winter Term 2

Summer Term 2

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