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Simulation & Optimization


Modelling, simulation and optimization of technical and natural systems is essential for developing many advanced products and services as well as the solution of urgent problems of modern society. Although mathematical models on the basis of differential equations have been in use for hundreds of years only the rapid development of digital computers combined with the invention of new numerical methods has it made possible to solve these equations efficiently in practical configurations. Meanwhile even the optimization of systems described by ordinary and partial differential equations is feasible.

The objective of the specialization "Simulation and Optimization" in the International Masters Program of Scientific Computing is to study techniques, tools, and architectures for the large scale simulation and optimization of discrete and continuous models. The focus is on efficient state-of-the-art methods allowing the solution of large instances such as higher-order finite element methods, a-posteriori error control and adaptive methods, multi-level and domain decomposition methods, all-at-once optimization or mixed-integer optimization. A second focus is placed on the efficient implementation of the above-mentioned methods on modern computer hardware including aspects of parallel high-performance computing, software design and object-oriented programming

Furthermore there is overlap of this specialization with the specializations in "Analysis & Modelling" as well as "Scientific Visualization" and "Statistics". An individual study plan can easily be arranged that combines these fields.

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