Travel Expenses

Travel grants are available for all fellows and salaried postdocs at the HGS MathComp!

Before your Journey

  • Please consult your supervisor to plan your trip! Your supervisor must approve of your upcoming journey and sign the given application forms.
  • Fill in the Authorization Form and the HGS MathComp Travel Application Form, get your supervisor's approval, let him sign the forms and hand them to                                          


    Sarah Steinbach
    Room 5/214
    Im Neuenheimer Feld 205
    69120 Heidelberg


    A committee will decide if your trip can be approved. You will be informed about the committee's decision via email after their monthly meeting, so please make sure you hand in your application at least six weeks before your journey. 
  • If you include a private stay, before or after your official business, you MUST hand in a comparative offer of your flight or train costs. Concerning your insurance, we strongly advise you to take out private travel insurance since you are only insured with the university during your official business trip.
  • Make sure you keep the receipts of your travel expenses.

After your Journey

  • Fill in the German Travel Expense Claim Form (you can use the English version to verify the information required) and hand it in to Ria Lynott during her office hours or address it for her attention
  • List the receipts according to the order on the Travel Expense Claim Form (-1- train, -2- public transport like busses and trams,...)
  • Attach the collected receipts of your travel expenses (public transport, bus tickets, etc.) to a blank sheet and prepare an extra list in chronological order, explaining the reference.
  • Please use a currency converter to convert foreign currencies into Euro. Click here to use a converter.

You will find the official "Information for Business Travellers" in   German on the Heidelberg University web page.

Further Information

  • You are required to use public transport (2nd class). If you use different means of transport, (taxi, 1st class, your private vehicle) you will have to give a written explanation.
  • Hotel costs exceeding 20€/night must be justified (e.g. lowest average price for a hotel room in the city)
  • Please indicate your work address on your hotel invoice. Using your private address, you will have to pay City Tax in Germany.
  • With regards to accommodation on your business trip: Please also state in your Travel Expense Claim if you had breakfast in your hotel and if the price for it is included in your hotel invoice.
  • Please follow the general guidelines when drawing up the Travel Expense Claim. You are asked to paste all your receipts on a blank DIN-A 4 sheet and number them so that they match part D on your Travel Expense Claim Form.
  • It is very important that you write legibly (leserlich).
  • Follow all the guidelines to simplify our work and speed up your reimbursement.
  • Travellers who do not have a contract of employment with the university (e.g. scholarship holders) are asked to state this on their claim for travel expenses to receive a grant of your daily allowance

Office Hours

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Travel and Event Support,
Guest Relations

Ria Lynott
5th Floor • Room 5/234

Im Neuenheimer Feld 205
69120 Heidelberg

Phone: +49 6221 54 - 14 431
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