Blue Sheet

The Blue Sheet of the HGS MathComp documents the personal progress and achievements of the grad school's doctoral members. To obtain a Blue Sheet you just have to follow the invitation that you will receive within the first few weeks of your membership. If you receive a scholarship, you will need this form to complete your application process and to maintain your scholarship.

Detailed Content

The Blue Sheet contains all important data concerning the membership of HGS MathComp's doctoral students

  •     details of the doctoral project, the thesis advisory committee, the start and the duration of the membership
  •     confirmation of the annual report by the primary supervisor's signature (after the first and second year respectively)
  •     documentation of the participation in the course programme, workshops and conferences

HGS MathComp Certificate

As a doctoral student of the HGS MathComp, you have to hand in the Blue Sheet to obtain the certificate confirming your membership of the grad school after the completion of your PhD project.

We will contact you and issue your certificate on presentation of the Blue Sheet and subsequently integrate you into our alumni programme.

IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to manage and maintain your Blue Sheet, yet your supervisor will be prepared to support you.

Courses and Credits

As a doctoral student of the HGS MathComp you are obliged to complete courses, lectures and seminars at Heidelberg University, attaining 18 points according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The courses have to treat subjects related to your PhD project and must either be signed by the lecturer or your primary supervisor.

Please do consult your primary supervisor, concerning the choice of your subjects to attain the credit points.

Concerning the choice of your classes, please ensure to obtain at least 9 ECTS points from the HGS MathComp curriculum. Courses from other graduate schools in Heidelberg are equally valid.However, make sure you don't exceed a maximum of 6 ECTS points from the lower master's program of Heidelberg University.

Please record your active participation in conferences, workshops or summer schools and the title of your contribution (talk or poster) in the lower part of the rear side. For validation these entries have to be signed by a member of your thesis advisory committee.


Your Annual Report

At the HGS MathComp, doctoral students have the duty to provide an annual report after the 1st and 2nd year of their membership. This record of the meeting with your thesis advisory committee (TAC) is mandatory for all our PhD student members.

IMPORTANT: Scholarships will not be extended without this report.


The report should be based on the presentation to your thesis advisory committee. 

  1. Arranging a meeting with your supervisor and your TAC
  2. Presentation of your results so far and your plans for the next period
  3. Creating the report, including suggestions and future plans developed with your TAC within the presentation
  4. Validation of your report by your supervisor's signature on the Blue Sheet
  5. Submitting the report to the thesis advisory board and as a PDF file to our office (many students simply attach the pdf of their presentation to the report)

Deadlines for members receiving a scholarship: 4 weeks before the end of each year.

Please mind the registration date (beginning of membership) on the Blue Sheet as a guideline. If you don't, you will have to expect a delay or even a full cancellation of your payment.

Further datails should be discussed with your primary supervisor and your TAC.

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