Participants 2018

Jillian Greene


Jillian Greene


University of North Texas


Prof. Dr. Anna Marciniak-Czochra


Applied Analysis and Modelling in Biosciences


Neurogenesis Modelling in Adult Hippocampal Cells


There has been a large amount of research done recently regarding the age-related changes happening in the neurogenesis of hippocampal cells using various mathematical models. Looking at the previous data that has been gathered from teams of mathematicians and biologists, we can see that there is some relationship between the total neural stem cells recorded in any one cycling of the pool of neural stem cells (NSCs) in an animal and the rate of quiescence of this pool of NSCs. The goal is to adjust the parameters in the original models of total NSC growth and declination in order to closely fit the trend lines created by the original model of the rate of quiescence. The trickiest part of creating accurate parameters is ensuring the biological reasoning behind every adjustment made to any piece of our model along the way. These models consisted of systems of ordinary differential equations that were calculated and adjusted using MATLAB. As this research moves further in the teams at IWR, it will open up a new

understanding about the reproduction and quiescence in mammalian stem cells. I had a fantastic time in the MathComp Post-Bachelor program, and would like to thank my team, Prof. Marciniak, and HGS for welcoming me so graciously.