Heidelberg Graduate School HGS MathComp

Bilateral Cooperation with COMSATS Institute for Information Technology, Islamabad

The Heidelberg Graduate School for Mathematical and Computational Methods in the Sciences and the COMSATS Institute for Information Technology started their co-operation through the participation in an Erasmus Mundus Action 2 program (EMMA) in 2009. After several exchanges of students and staff and two preparatory meetings in Heidelberg in 2012 and 2014, the two institutions joint forces to organize a common summer school in October 2015 in Islamabad. 

The collaboration includes, but is not limited to:

  • exchange of lecturers, researchers and staff
  • guest visits of PhD students
  • joint organisation of workshops, conferences and summer schools.

Joint Events and Actions

  • 2009: Start of the cooperation as partners in the EMMA projects iin the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 framework
  • 2012: First visit of Dr. Junaid Zaidi, Dr. Tariq-Ur Rahman and Dr. Jamshed Iqbal visit Heidelberg for a first contact meeting.
  • 2013-2014: Dr. Abdullah Shah visits IWR for a 6-month postdoc mobility in the EMMA framework
  • 2014: Preparation meeting to discuss next steps of action between members of both institutions in Heidelberg
  • 2015: During Oct 3rd-8th IWR and CIIT organize a common summer school on Scientific Computing at CIIT Islamabad.
  • 2016: Heidelberg University and CIIT receive funding from the Erasmus+ program to exchange students and staff (WS 2016/17 to SS 2018)

Local coordinators:

Islamabad: Dr. Tariq-Ur Rahman, CIIT International Office


Heidelberg: Prof. Peter Bastian, IWR & HGS MathComp
                   Dr. Michael Winckler, IWR & HGS MathComp


Participating Workgroups:



Modelling & Simulation in Fluid Dynamics

Dr. Abdullah Shah

AG Scientific Computing

Prof. Peter Bastian

Computational Chemistry

Prof. Jamshed Iqbal

Computational Biochemistry

Dr. Stefan Fischer

International Office

Dr. Tariq-Ur-Rahman

HGS MathComp

Dr. Michael Winckler

SAI, Heidelberg University

Dr. Manfred Hake