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Modules for [Scientific Computing]

The latest module handbook, Summer 2015, is now available   at the faculty website

Please note:

  • the database that we use for this web site currently does not hold all modules from the module handbook
  • not all modules are offered by the university each term - modules offered for for the current term can be found in the LSF pages of Heidelberg University.

Online module database (as of summer 2015)

Handbook: [SciComp MSc] - [2015 Sommer]

Courses In Computer Science

[IAGM] Computational Geometry
[ICG1] Computer Graphics 1
[ICG2] Computer Graphics 2
[IDB] Datenbanken 1
[IEA1] Efficient Algorithms 1
[IEA2] Efficient Algorithms 2
[IGMA] Geometric Modeling and Animation
[IGWV] Introduction to Scientific Visualization
[IKDD] Knowledge Discovery in Databases
[IKI] Artificial Intelligence
[IMIP] Mixed Integer Programming
[IOAB] Object Recognition and Image Understanding
[IOPWR] Object-Oriented Programming for Scientific Computing
[IPHR] High-Performance Computing
[IPLGG] Parallel Solution of Large Linear Systems
[IRA] Randomisierte Algorithmen
[IRDB] Spatial Databases
[ISV] Scientific Visualization
[IVCH] Visualization in Cultural Heritage
[IVNT] Visualization in Natural Sciences and Engineering
[IVS1] Distributed Systems I
[IVV] Volume Visualization
[MScTI INTROHPC] Introduction to High Performance Computing

Courses In Mathematics

[MG10] Complex Analysis II
[MG15] Differential Geometry I
[MG16] Differential Geometry II
[MG19] Computer Algebra I
[MG20] Computer Algebra II
[MG31] Fundamentalgruppen algebraischer Kurven
[MG9] Complex Analysis I
[MH1] Nonlinear Functional Analysis
[MH10] Special topics in Numerics
[MH12a] Statistics II
[MH12c] Statistical Forecasting
[MH13a] Probability Theory II
[MH13c] Spatial Stochastic Processes
[MH27] Implementation of numerical methods for partial differential equations
[MH3] Partial Differential Equations II
[MH30] Fundamentals of Computational Environmental Physics
[MH31] Optimization with PDEs: Parameter Estimation and Optimal Experimental Design
[MH5] Numerical Linear Algebra
[MH6] Numerical Analysis of Ordinary Differential Equations
[MH7] Numerical Analysis of Partial Differential Equations
[MH8] Numerische Optimierung bei Differentialgleichungen
[MH9] Numerical Methods in continuum mechanics
[MH9a] Numerical Methods in fluid dynamics

General Modules

[SCAP] Field of Application
[SCASP] Advanced Software Practical
[SCMa] Master Thesis
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