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Core Courses
Compact Courses
info  Advanced bash scripting 2017Michael Herbst November 6-10, 2017 ECTS-Points: 3
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Mathematikon INF 205, 3.104 (PC-Pool 2)
Key Competence Courses
info  Project Management Tailored for Doctoral ThesisDr. Justus Meier Nov 7 & 8, 2017, Dec 11, 2017 ECTS-Points: 2
Abstract, registration & information:
Working as a PhD student you have the challenging task of developing research findings and write you doctoral thesis within three years. This alone is a demanding job. In addition, it is vital to the scientific process that your findings are presented to the scientific community. For most PhD students this is the first big project in their professional life and it could have a crucial impact on their future professional career. PhD students are highly motivated when they start their PhD studies but may underestimate the need for professional management for this three-year project "doctoral thesis".
This seminar demonstrates how to approach the doctoral thesis in a professional way. Project management tools and techniques are used, tailored to the specific situation of PhD students. You will learn how to set a project vision, define clear objectives, gain buy-in from your supervisor and other colleagues in your group, and how to develop a project plan, which is structured and at the same time flexible enough to easily adjust to unexpected findings. You will establish a "controlling cycle" which helps you to recognise risks and problems as early as possible, and you will learn how to manage critical situations and deal with ups and downs. Furthermore, networking with colleagues, supervisors and other people are important topics of this seminar.
Throughout the seminar, you will work on your own doctoral thesis and share your experience with others. This seminar is most beneficial for PhD students who are in the early phases of their doctoral thesis. At the end of the seminar you will have established a strategy on how to approach your own doctoral thesis. During the follow-up REVIEW we will share experience and best practices and deal with open questions from the first module.
This seminar will help you to make the most effective use of your three years and finish your doctoral thesis on time.
You will also learn and practise the basic concepts of project management – a prerequisite in industries and research institutions.

Please register here:
Mathematikon, INF 205, 5th floor, SR 11

Workshops & Schools
info  Summer School: Mathematical Methods for Quantum Chemistryvarious Oct 1-6, 2017 ECTS-Points: not yet determined
Mathematikon, Im Neuenheimer Feld 205
not yet determined