Voice training - Vocal gym for public speaking

Target group

Young scientists (doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, junior research group leaders, junior professors) who have to talk a lot and are interested in improving their voice competences in communication.

Aims of the course

The workshop contains manifold exercises for a healthy and powerful voice. Learning how your own voice can be used as a strong communication and expression tool. As well as experiencing the influence of a physiological breathing and posture that affects your expressiveness during presentations and communication.

Course content

  • Exercises that aim for the improvement of vocal sound, resonance, dynamics and articulation
  • Individual voice analysis and consultation
  • Practice of the acquired skills in lecture or talk
  • Developing an improved perception of your own and foreign voices
  • Facts about physiological aspects of the voice (for example process of voice production and health of the voice)


January 24, 2014  13:00-17:00
January 25, 2014  9:00-16:00



Im Neuenheimer Feld 368

Room 432/532

69120 Heidelberg


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Number of Participants

max. 12 participants