Theory and Numerics of Ordinary Differential Equations for Non-Mathematicians

Compact Course


April 24th 09:15-12:15 and 13:30-15:00 IWR, R.432
April 26th 09:15-11:30 IWR, R.432
May 2nd 09:15-12:15 OMZ U014
May 2nd 13:30-15:00 IWR, R.520
May 3rd 09:15-12:15 IWR, R.432May 10-11, 14-15, 2012

Place: IWR, 69120 Heidelberg & OMZ, INF 350, 69120 Heidelberg



Dr. Michael J. Winckler
Administrative Director, HGS MathComp
Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing
Heidelberg University
INF 368, 69120 Heidelberg, Germany

Abstract: This course gives an introduction to the theory and numerics of ODE systems. We start with the basic ODE theory and give the facts of the most important properties:

  • solution of linear ODE systems
  • existence and uniqueness of solutions
  • dependence on initial values and parameters

The course is especially geared towards students from application areas and tries to also cover the use of numerical software to solve initial value problems:

  • numerical schemes to solve ODE systems
  • adaptive components (step size and order)
  • using ODE software