Scientific Visualization

Lecturer: Dr. Filip Sadlo

Semester: WS 2014/15

Lecture: 4 SWS

Exercise: 2 SWS

Audience: Bachelor and Master

Credits: 8 ECTS


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  • Lecture starts Friday 17 October


Visualization deals with all aspects that are connected with the visual representation of data sets from scientific experiments, simulations, medical scanners, databases and the like in order to achieve a deeper understanding or a simpler representation of complex phenomena. To obtain this goal, both well‐known techniques from the field of interactive computer graphics and completely new methods are applied. The objective of the course is to provide advanced knowledge about visualization algorithms and data structures as well as acquaintance with practical applications of visualization. Based on the visualization pipeline and the classification of mapping methods, this course will present advanced visualization algorithms and data structures for various kinds of applications and scenarios.


  • Introduction
  • Visualization Process
  • Data Sources and Representation
  • Interpolation and Filtering
  • Approaches for Visual Mapping
  • Scalar Field Visualization: Advanced Techniques for Contour Extraction, Classification, Texture-Based Volume Rendering, Volumetric Illumination, Advanced Techniques for Volume Visualization, Pre-Integration, Cell Projection, Feature Extraction
  • Vector Field Visualization: Vector Calculus, Particle Tracing on Grids, Vector Field Topology, Vortex Visualization, Feature Extraction, Feature Tracking
  • Tensor Field Visualization: Glyphs, Hue-Balls and Lit-Tensors, Line-Based Visualization, Tensor Field Topology, Feature Extraction



Monday, 11 am - 1 pm, INF 368 (IWR), Room 532
Friday, 11 am - 1 pm, INF 368 (IWR), Room 532


Friday, 9 - 11 am, INF 350 (OMZ), Room U012

Suggested Prerequisites

  • Einführung in die Praktische Informatik
  • Programmierkurs
  • Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen
  • Grundlagen der wiss. Visualisierung


  • C.D. Hansen, C.R. Johnson, The Visualization Handbook, 2005.


  E-learning course