Date and Location of the 5th Seminar

The seminar will take place on

October 24th, 2013
after the Fellows Assembly (approximately 17:30)

in room 432 of the IWR building (INF 368).

After the talks there will be a food and drinks in the common room 514.

Speakers and Abstracts

Speakers, Titles, and Abstracts of this Fellows Seminar:

Moritz Becker: Development of methods for effective creation of 3D movies

To create visual effects and 3D movies, three-dimensional data is needed to succeed.
This talk outlines three PhD theses which deal with 3D acquisition for this purpose.

Christian Seitz: Archaeology meets the Computational Sciences

Archaeology and High-Tec seems sometimes to be a paradoxon.
In the last years there are more and more applications upcoming in this
field. For example 3D-Scanners are more often used to document complex
situations on an excavation. Therefore methods using complex algorithms
are necessary and a need to analyse such a huge amount of data is
obvious. Some examples of Scientific Computing in Archaeology will be
shown in this talk, as there are 3D-scanning, GIS, UAVs and
Visualization. Also I'd like to present my just started PhD-Thesis.