Date and Location of the 19th Seminar

The seminar took place on Tuesday, 25. July at 5pm(c.t.) in the conference room.

After the talks there were food and cold drinks in the common room of Mathematikon (INF 205), 5th floor.

Speakers and Abstracts

This time the speaker was Simon Dörsam with the titel "Modeling of different Stationary Objects".




Researchers often use geometrical objects in their simulations to simplify the considered domain. An eye is approximated by a sphere,  a donut by a torus and so on...

There are many possibilities to model such stationary objects. In this talk we discuss three different methods: The CFS-Strategy, the Dealii-Method and the LEGO-Projections.

But the most important part in this talk is to have fun and see a lot of nice pictures. In fact, the talk is about creative art, which is created by myself and often developed on mathematical ideas;)