Date and Location of the 8th Seminar

The seminar will take place on

June 24th, 2014
at 1700 hrs c.t.

in room 432 of the IWR building (INF 368).

After the talks there will be food and cold drinks in the common room 514.

Speakers and Abstracts

This time, we have the following three speaker with the promising titles:

* Kathrin Hatz - "Why do humans walk the way they walk?" 

We discuss how mathematical methods can be used to learn more about human motion -- in particular about human gait. Based on an example, we demonstrate how optimization methods identify new models of human gait that provide interesting insights.

* Enrique Guerrero - "How to drive like a pro, save money and be green with mathematica foundation" 

In the fascinating world of locomotion, one could turn philosophic and ask oneself 'am I driving as I should?, could I do better?'. Without addressing the problems of parking or clandestine racing, the presented talk aims to give practical advice and tell about research concerning the relationship between driving and energy in three different cases: a futuristic solar car, a robust heavy duty truck and a tiny slot car.

* Ole Klein - "Soil and Inference -- What We (Don't) Know About the Ground Beneath Our Feet"

Many controversial practices like nuclear waste repositories, CO2 sequestration and hydraulic fracturing rely on a sound understanding of subsurface processes. Policy makers have to assess the risks of interaction with the environment, especially our drinking water. But just how much do we know about this, and how uncertain are our predictions? The presented talk gives a basic overview regarding the modelling of subsurface flow and transport, parameter estimation and risk assessment.

We hope many of you can make it to room 432 at 1700 hrs so we don't have to eat all the food afterwards alone.

Looking forward to seeing you there! Katharina, Manuel, Dominic and Jan