Date and Location of the 7th Seminar

The seminar will take place on

Mai 14th, 2014
at 1800 hrs c.t.

in room 432 of the IWR building (INF 368).

After the talks there will be pizza and cold drinks in the common room 514.

Speakers and Abstracts

This time, we have the following three speaker with the promising titles:

* Tim Stauch (IWR) - "Using the force: The JEDI code" 
Mechanical forces plays a crucial role in many chemical processes. 
The behavior of molecules under the influence of an external force is, however, not very well understood.
The Judgement of Energy DIstribution (JEDI) analysis is a tool I developed
to quantitatively investigate the distribution of mechanical stress energy
in any molecule. In my talk, I will outline the concept behind the JEDI analysis
and show you some molecules the force is particularly strong with.
* Dr. Stephan Meister - "Forward, my Minions! Crowdsourcing for Image Processing" 
Many Problems in Computer Vision can be solved using sophisticated algorithms. 
For those where this isn't the case human intelligence can often fill the gap,
however doing this manually is time-consuming and expensive.
I will show how such problems be combined with online computer games and be
solved using crowdsourcing.
Additionally, I will present some sponsorship programs aimed at Ph.D. students
that we used to change this concept into a viable buisness idea.
* Dominic Edelmann - "Pirates prevent global warming and the stork brings the babies! 
On problems and misconceptions of Pearson Correlation"
We hope many of you can make it to room 432 at 1700 hrs so we don't have to eat all the pizza alone. 

Looking forward to seeing you there! Katharina, Manuel, Dominic and Jan