Date and Location of the 14th Seminar

The seminar will take place on

April 6th, 2016
at 17:30 hrs s.t.

in the Conference room at 5th floor of the Mathematikon (INF 205).

After the talks there will be food and cold drinks in the common room in front of the conference room, 5th floor.

Speakers and Abstracts

For the next seminar, we will have one single talk:

* Yue Hu - An easy way to make humanoid robots walk - demonstrations on HeiCub

When talking about humanoid robots, it is common to think about sci-fi movies. Unfortunately (or fortunately) real robots' abilities are still far far away from their movie counterparts.

One of the biggest challenge is to make legged humanoid robots walk.
There are several techniques to approach the problem of walking, one easy and largely adopted technique is to assume that the robot is just an inverted pendulum. We will see in the talk how an inverted pendulum can be related to real fully actuated humanoid robots, and how with such an assumption we made the HeiCub robot walk on flat floor, slope and stairs.


We're looking forward to seeing you for some pizza afterwards in the common room, so we don't have to eat all the food and drink all beer afterwards by ourselves.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Marcel, Yue, Asha and Malin