Date and Location of the 1st Seminar

The seminar took place on February 5th, 2013

Speakers and Abstracts

For the first HGS MathComp Fellows Seminar we have "volunteered" two people who are well known for their awesome talks. In future, all fellows of the HGS MathComp are encouraged to present introductory and entertaining talks on their research subjects.

Bernhard X. Kausler - The Super Models of Machine Learning

Get ready for the hottest models that machine learning has to offer. 
They are sparse. 
They are independent. 
They get graphical! 

You will learn how they find employment in the town of Southpark.

Andreas Schmidt - Pimp my experiment

If you are in some way
a) using a computer,
b) setting up models for some complex process,
c) looking for some unknown parameters in the model,
d) executing random experiments to estimate these parameters,
('or' connective applied) 

then this might be a talk to interest you. We will get to know what 
model-based Optimal Experimental Design (OED) is about and sketch 
the path to get to the proper experiment that determines best your 
model parameters. Moreover, we will see some recent real-world 
application results, that even Xzibit might have been interested in.

Random Photos from the Event