Fellows Assembly

The fellows' assembly will take place before the fellows' seminar. It will start 

on the 27th of January 

at 1630 hrs

in the room 432 at IWR.

The fellows' assembly is obligatory for all PhD fellows of the HGS!

Date and Location of the 9th Seminar

The seminar will take place on

January 27th, 2015
at 1700 hrs c.t.

in room 432 of the IWR building (INF 368).

After the talks there will be food and cold drinks in the common room 514.

Speakers and Abstracts

This time, we have the following speakers:


* Johannes Herold - Modeling Athletic Performance - An Overview

Mathematical modeling has become a standard for optimizing processes in various fields of applications. Among the more recent ones is the optimization of human performance in sports sciences with the help of training-performance models. In this talk we will discuss possible influences on athletic performance and considerations when attempting to model them. We will furthermore take a look at currently existing approaches and their shortcomings, which helps us to understand the necessity of new models.


* Kathryn Fletcher - Lights off! Fluorescence quenching of aromatic aldehydes in water

Amines are nitrogen-containing organic compounds deriving from ammonia. This class of molecules is widely used for industrial and medical applications, including for the detection of food spoiling and in the production of pharmaceuticals and colorants. Recently synthesized (Bunz group, Heidelberg) aldehyde-substituted distyrylbenzenes and cruciform dialdehyde fluorophores are able to detect amines. The dialdehydes do not, however, fluoresce in water. In this talk, I'll explain why this is the case using a quantum chemically investigated mechanism for the fluorescence quenching, highlighting the role of excited state proton transfer in the process. With this understanding, better syntheses can be performed in the future, allowing for the development of new and powerful amine indicators. 

We're looking forward to seeing you for some pizza afterwards in the common room, so we don't have to eat all the food and drink all beer afterwards by ourselves.

Looking forward to seeing you there! Katharina, Manuel, Dominic and Jan