Chat No 1 with Günter Ziegler

Prof. Ziegler was interviewed by Ágnes Horvát and Christoph Zimmer.

  Prof. Günter M. Ziegler visited HGS MathComp on May 3. The extraordinary mathematician holds the chair Discrete Geometry“ at the Frei Universität Berlin (FU Berlin) and he is also involved in the DFG Research Center “  Matheon“ Mathematics for Key Technologies. In his research he treats problems from discrete and computational geometry (in particular, the theory of convex polytopes), explores and develops graph-theoretical, algebraic and topological methods in combinatorics, with applications e.g. to mesh generation and to linear and integer optimization.

They talked about the most important stages of Prof. Zieglers career and listened to his advices for young researchers: So they mentioned the importance of consequently keeping personal goals in mind during the Master or PhD and discussed the cruciality of personal contacts in the scientific communities.

The audience enjoyed the interesting life talk and the organizers are happy to hear from the fellows of HGS MathComp a call for the next guest of a fireside chat.