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Information for incoming students

Dear incoming students,

due to the current situation with CoVid-19 the procedure of enrolment has been slightly changed. The department "International Relations" of Heidelberg University has been sending out information sheets about the new procedure.

If you haven't done so, yet, please contact the department and provide your missing documents listed on your admission letter together with the application for enrolment and an address your registration documents can be send to. This adress has to be a German adress. In case you haven't found an accommodation yet, you can provide the adress of the institute (please contact for this). The department will send your  registration documents like Uni-ID, etc, to this address.

In case of questions please consult the given email address:

For information on courses please consult the LSF:

More information on registering for courses will be posted on Moodle.

You can register yourself with your Uni-ID and the password for your ID. If Moodle is also not helping you in registerting for courses please contact the lecturer directly via email.

Stay healthy!

Information for applicants

Update: April 16, 2020

Transcript of Records/Degree

If you do not get certified copies of your transcript of records/degree due to Corona lockdown, Heidelberg University will accept standard copies of your transcript/degree as well for your application. This also applies to tanslations of the transcript/degree.

Other documents, like your highschool certificate, still have to be certified.

Please note: This exemption from standard procedure is only valid for applications for wintersemester 2020/2021.


Dear Applicants to Scientific Computing,

due to the current situation concerning CoVid-19 Heidelberg University is trying to mitigate the consequence of Corona for applicants. Central administration decides where we can compromise the current standards and where we will stick to the rules.

For now, applications are mostly unchanged. Students have to provide all data in one submission via post. Applications from China without APS certificate will not be accepted, as well as applications without proof of English language proficiency.
APS office is still in operation and apppointments are made. For English language proficiency you can also provide a written statement, your English is well enough to pursue a course program, for example, if your Bachelors have been held in English.

The department "International Relations" of Heidelberg University is still in operation and you can send in your applications any time.

Stay healthy!

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