Annual Colloquium 2016

This years Annual Colloquium took place from 1.12 - 2.12.2016 at the youth hostel Speyer.

This year's topic was Science - the Alphabet of Nature.


Here you can see the best photos of AC 2016.


The Book of Abstract of the HGS MathComp 8th Annual Colloquium is now available in digital version.
Please download it and inform yourself about the event's timeline, talks, posters, location and extra activities.
The organization will provide a printed version of the Book of Abstract in the registration of the Annual Colloquium.

The most important information for downloading:

  Book of Abstract

  General information


  Fellows Talks sessions (The length of each presentation should NOT exceed 15 minutes. (10-12 minutes talk and 3-5 minutes discussion))


For questions please write to the   AC2016 organization team.