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Doctoral Students

Faculty of Bio Sciences
Name Responsible supervisor Title of thesis PI Supervisor 2nd supervisor
Beuke Katharina Ursula Kummer Modelling NF-kappaB Signalling in Hepatocytes Ursula Kummer Thomas Höfer
Gabel Michael Ursula Kummer CD8+ T cell Dynamics in Infection Diseases Ursula Kummer Frederik Graw
Ganotra Gaurav Kumar Rebecca Wade Computational studies of drug-binding kinetics Rebecca Wade Frauke Gräter
Großeholz Ruth Ursula Kummer Mathematical modeling and analysis of a fast brassinosteroid-regulated response pathway in the plasma membrane of Arabidopsis thaliana for cell wall expansion Ursula Kummer Karin Schumacher
Holzheu Pascal Ursula Kummer Mathematical modelling of pH-homeostasis in plant cell organelles Ursula Kummer Karin Schumacher
Kalra Priyata Ursula Kummer Multi-scale Modelling of Interferon Alpha Signalling Ursula Kummer Frederik Graw
Kaspar Sarah Ursula Kummer Quantification of information transfer in calcium signaling Ursula Kummer Jürgen Pahle
Kommer Christoph Thomas Höfer Mathematical modelling of the stability behaviour of T-helper cell differentiation. Ursula Kummer Thomas Höfer
Loghmani Seyed Babak Ursula Kummer Developing tract-specific genome-scale metabolic models Ursula Kummer Prof. Dr. Stefan Wölfl
Schoch Arne Jürgen Pahle Stochastic Simulation and Analysis of Calcium Signaling Ursula Kummer Jürgen Pahle
Stank Antonia Rebecca Wade Computational studies on the relation between macromolecular dynamics and protein binding and function Rebecca Wade Ursula Kummer
Thakre Neha Frederik Graw Mathematical Analysis of Malaria Infection Ursula Kummer Frederik Graw
Zauser Martin Ursula Kummer Modeling the cell-to-cell communication in plants: an information-theoretic analysis of Ca2+ signatures in roots of Arabidopsis thaliana Ursula Kummer Jürgen Pahle
Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences
Name Responsible supervisor Title of thesis PI Supervisor 2nd supervisor
Anders Katharina Bernhard Höfle Autonomous 3D Earth Observation of Dynamic Landscapes Alexander Zipf Hubert Mara
Bohnwagner Mercedes Vanessa Andreas Dreuw Aufklärung des Ursprungs photochemischer Stereoselektivität in chemischen Reaktionen unter Verwendung theoretischer Methoden Andreas Dreuw Peter Comba
Dempwolff Adrian Andreas Dreuw Electronic Decay in Biochemical Systems Andreas Dreuw Dr. Kirill Gokhberg
(#) Ebert Georg unknown Multiscale Approaches for Excited States of Chromophore Aggregates Andreas Dreuw Markus Pernpointner
Faltermeier Dieter Peter Comba Theoretical and experimental investigations of bispidine-iron(IV)-oxo complexes Peter Comba Andreas Dreuw
Farnoud Ali Eva Gutheil Numerical Analysis of the Flow and Particle Pattern in Human Nasal Cavity Eva Gutheil Peter Bastian
Fava Sanches Alaor Augusto Eva Gutheil Numerical Modeling of Medical Implant Treatment of Cerebral Aneurysms Eva Gutheil Martin Bendszus
Han Jie Andreas Dreuw Theoretical Investigation on Singlet Fission Andreas Dreuw Marcus Motzkus
Herbst Michael Friedrich Andreas Dreuw Finite Element Electronic Structure Methods for the Simulation of Large Molecular Systems Andreas Dreuw Guido Kanschat
Herrmann Maximilian Eva Gutheil Modeling and Numerical Simulation of the Tropospheric Ozone Depletion Events in the Polar Spring Eva Gutheil Ulrich Platt
Hodecker Manuel Andreas Dreuw Multi-scale Modelling of Excited Electronic States in Discrete Environments Andreas Dreuw Guido Kanschat
Hoffmann Marvin Tim Andreas Dreuw Theoretical Description of N-heteropolycycles Andreas Dreuw Frauke Gräter
Lefrancois Daniel Andreas Dreuw Development and application of open-shell methods for the algebraic-diagrammatic construction scheme Andreas Dreuw Peter Comba
Mewes (Bäppler) Stefanie Andrea Andreas Dreuw Quantum chemical simulation of charge separation in organic semiconductors Andreas Dreuw Markus Pernpointner
Roberts Asha Peter Comba Rational design and synthesis of single molecule magnets Peter Comba Rüdiger Klingeler
Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences
Name Responsible supervisor Title of thesis PI Supervisor 2nd supervisor
Metz Thomas Uwe Wagschal Agent-based modeling as research method in the social sciences. Theory and application Gerhard Reinelt Uwe Wagschal
Said Nadia Stefan Körkel Optimum Experimental Design for Cognitive Process Models of Age-Related Cognitive Decline Joachim Funke Hans Georg Bock
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Name Responsible supervisor Title of thesis PI Supervisor 2nd supervisor
Barry Joanne Kelly Willi Jäger Systems Biology of HIV Virus-Host Interactions: Mathematical Modeling of the HIV Life Cycle Willi Jäger Roland Eils
Beier Thorsten Fred Hamprecht A New Learning Approach for Structured Prediction Fred Hamprecht Artur Andrzejak
Bergner Lilli Christian Kirches Optimization of large nonlinear dynamic systems under parametric uncertainty Hans Georg Bock Christian Kirches
Bettendorf Anja Stefan Körkel Optimum Experimental Design of 2D and 3D PDE Problems Guido Kanschat Stefan Körkel
Bogacz Bartosz Michael Gertz Cuneiform Character Mining for Semantic Tablet Matching Michael Gertz Hubert Mara
Brinkmann Felix Thomas Richter Mathematical Models and Numerical Simulation of Mechanochemical Pattern Formation of Biological Tissues Thomas Richter Anna Marciniak- Czochra
(#) Brock Daniel Alexander unknown Models for Optical Flow and Reference Data Generation Bernd Jähne Christoph Garbe
Büch Lutz Artur Andrzejak Automating Data Preprocessing & Data Transformations Artur Andrzejak Michael Gertz
Dalitz Robert Christoph Schnörr Compressive Motion Sensing and Dynamic Tomography Christoph Schnörr Stefania Petra
Damasceno Costa Diego Elias Artur Andrzejak Automated Tuning of Code Performance for Computer Vision Artur Andrzejak Björn Ommer
Danciu Diana-Patricia Anna Marciniak- Czochra Mathematical modelling of stem cells dynamics in fish Anna Marciniak- Czochra Lazaro Cetanin
Dencker Tobias Björn Ommer Deep Architectures for Semantic Video Analysis Björn Ommer Christoph Schnörr
Desana Mattia Christoph Schnörr Inference and Learning with Sum-Product Networks Christoph Schnörr Fred Hamprecht
Dörsam Simon Elfriede Friedmann Numerical methods for simulation in ophthalmology Guido Kanschat Elfriede Friedmann
Ghanavati Mohammadreza Artur Andrzejak Elimination of Software Aging Defects during Software Development Phase Artur Andrzejak Andreas Reuter
Guerrero Merino Enrique Eduardo Christian Kirches Transient mixed-integer NMPC for Energy Recovery in Trucks Hans Georg Bock Gerhard Reinelt
Gutekunst Jürgen Andreas Potschka Optimal feedback control of periodic and switched processes Hans Georg Bock Andreas Potschka
Herold Johannes Stefan Körkel Mathematical Methods for Model Validation and Optimization for Resistance Training in the Sports Sciences Hans Georg Bock Klaus Roth
Honauer Katrin Daniel Kondermann Performance Measures and Evaluation Methods for Computer Vision Algorithms Bernd Jähne Christoph Garbe
Hu Yue Katja Mombaur Modeling and optimal control of compliant robots Katja Mombaur Francesco Nori
Jaiswal Astha Roland Eils Automatic Tracking of Virus Particles in Fluorescence Microscopy Image Sequences Roland Eils Karl Rohr
Kamthorncharoen Chaiyod Peter Bastian Coupled Surface and Subsurface Flows Peter Bastian Kurt Roth
Kempf Dominic Peter Bastian Generating performance-optimized integration kernels for the solution of PDEs on HPC systems Peter Bastian Artur Andrzejak
Kleesattel Anna Lena Katja Mombaur Modeling and Optimal Control of Amputee Sprinters and Long Jumpers Katja Mombaur Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Potthast, German Sport University, Cologne
Kopitzsch Ruth Malin Katja Mombaur Walking, Tripping, Falling: Analysis of human push recovery using inverse optimal control Katja Mombaur Martin Giese
Kratzke Jonas Vincent Heuveline Towards a reliable numerical framework for simulation guided cardiovascular surgery Vincent Heuveline Carsten Beller
Kudruss Manuel DocStip. Christian Kirches Fast NMPC Algorithms for Multi-Phase DAE-Systems with Discontinuities Katja Mombaur Christian Kirches
Kumberger Peter Anna Marciniak- Czochra Mathematical modeling of the in vitro and in vivo spread of HCV Anna Marciniak- Czochra Frederik Graw
Lee Sara Francesco Ciucci Multiscale Methods for Segregation Phenomena in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Materials Rolf Rannacher Hans Georg Bock
Leidereiter Conrad Andreas Potschka Scenario Tree Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Hans Georg Bock Andreas Potschka
Li Hui Michael Gertz Extraction and Exploration of Social Network Information from Historical Texts Michael Gertz Stefan Riezler
Lindner Silvan Katja Mombaur Optimal Mapping by Vision Based Autonomous Robotic Trajectories Katja Mombaur Christoph Garbe
Meggendorfer Stefan Guido Kanschat Modelling and Simulation in Poroelastic Media Guido Kanschat Anna Marciniak- Czochra
Nolte Florian Hans Knüpfer Reduced models for ferromagnetic plates Hans Knüpfer Anna Marciniak- Czochra
Olkhovskiy Vladislav Elfriede Friedmann Development and Simulation of a Mathematical Model to Describe the Aqueous Humor Flow in the Anterior Chamber Guido Kanschat Elfriede Friedmann
Piatkowski Stephan-Marian Peter Bastian Numerical Study of the Surface Renewal Effect in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer Peter Bastian Kurt Roth
Ponce Bobadilla Ana Victoria Thomas Carraro Stochastic hybrid multi-scale modeling of tumor invasion Thomas Carraro Dr. Tomas Alarcon, Prof. Philip K. Maini, Prof. Helen Byrne
René Heß Peter Bastian Code Generation for High Performance Solutions of PDEs Peter Bastian Artur Andrzejak
Sagristà Sellés Toni Filip Sadlo Visualization of Astrometric and Astrophysical Data Filip Sadlo Prof. Dr. Stefan Jordan
Sanakoyeu Artsiom Björn Ommer Image Retrieval and Visual Analysis of Cultural Heritage Björn Ommer Peter Schmidt
Sauter Marta Hans Georg Bock Numerical Methods for Diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy by Bilevel Optimal Control of Constrained Biomechanical Multi-Body Systems Hans Georg Bock Katja Mombaur
Schilling Hendrik Bernd Jähne Light Field Calibration and Scene Reconstruction Beyond 3D Bernd Jähne Filip Sadlo
Schlöder Matthias Ekaterina Kostina Numerical Methods for Therapy Design of Cerebral Palsy by Bilevel Optimal Control of Constrained Biomechanical Multi-Body Systems Ekaterina Kostina Hans Georg Bock
Schmidtobreick Mareike Vincent Heuveline Parallel Numerical Method for Solving the Fokker-Planck Equations based on One-sided and Asynchronous Communication Vincent Heuveline Rudolf Lohner
Schoch Nicolai Vincent Heuveline Cognition-Guided Surgery -- Soft Tissue Simulation for Surgery Assistance Vincent Heuveline Carsten Beller
Scholz Robert Ekaterina Kostina Model-based Optimal Feedback Control of Microgrids Ekaterina Kostina Vincent Heuveline
Schubert Alexander Katja Mombaur Modeling Perception and Creation of Modern Artworks by Dynamic Motions Katja Mombaur Joachim Funke
Seitz Christian Katja Mombaur ArchEyeAutomatic - Model-based Optimization of Multirotor UAV Trajectories for Automatic and Complete Three-Dimensional Photogrammetric Documentation of Buildings in Art History and Archaeology Katja Mombaur Matthias Untermann
Shen Ruobing Gerhard Reinelt Identification of Scene Structures using affine Vector Fields Gerhard Reinelt Christoph Schnörr
Silvestri Francesco Gerhard Reinelt Semialgebraic Data Models and Convex Relaxations Gerhard Reinelt Christoph Schnörr
Sommer Andreas Hans Georg Bock Numerical Methods for Parameter Estimation on Dynamical Systems with Noise: A Deterministic Approach Hans Georg Bock Ursula Kummer
Stein Judith Elfriede Friedmann Modeling of molecular mechanism for retinal diseases Anna Marciniak- Czochra Elfriede Friedmann
Stein Kevin Katja Mombaur Motion learning and motion stability in sports Katja Mombaur Klaus Roth
Tóth Michal Peter Bastian Numerical modelling of flow in porous media and effects of facade degradation Peter Bastian Hans Knüpfer
Vepa Leo Bernd Jähne Optimized Sensor Data Fusion Architectures for complementary sensors Bernd Jähne Karl- Heinz Brenner
Vianello Alessandro Bernd Jähne Video-based 3D Surface Inspection for Industrial Applications Bernd Jähne Christoph Garbe
Wetterauer Sven Thomas Carraro Multiscale simulations of lithium ion batteries Thomas Carraro Ellen Ivers-Tiffée
Wirsching Leonard Hans Georg Bock Coupling of online state and parameter estimation and robust process optimization Hans Georg Bock Gerhard Reinelt
Witte Julius Guido Kanschat Uncertainty Quantification in Elasticity Guido Kanschat Prof. Dr. Jan Johannes
Xiong Wei Dieter Heermann Topological and Graphic Analysis of Chromatin Structure Dieter Heermann Christoph Schnörr
Zheng Boyan Filip Sadlo Analysis of Scientific Software during Operation Filip Sadlo Peter Bastian
Faculty of Philosophy
Name Responsible supervisor Title of thesis PI Supervisor 2nd supervisor
Pattee Aaron Hubert Mara European Art History Filip Sadlo Matthias Untermann
Faculty of Physics and Astronomy
Name Responsible supervisor Title of thesis PI Supervisor 2nd supervisor
Bailoni Alberto Fred Hamprecht New deep learning segmentation algorithms for difficult 3D images with applications to neuro- and materials science Fred Hamprecht Thomas Carraro
Bauser Hannes Helmut Kurt Roth Representation of soil water dynamics Kurt Roth Peter Bastian
Berg Daniel Kurt Roth Aggregation of Soil Hydrology and Geophysics Kurt Roth Peter Bastian
Decker Christoph Fred Hamprecht Animal tracking for behavior classification Fred Hamprecht Andreas Draguhn
Franz Florian unknown Scale-Bridging Simulation Study of Vinculin Mechano-Sensing Frauke Gräter Ulrich Schwarz
Gutsche Marcel Christoph Garbe Optimization-based Robust Depth Estimation from Complex Light Fields Christoph Garbe Christian Kirches
Herrera-Rodriguez Ana Maria Frauke Gräter Silk-protein assembly under flow Frauke Gräter Ulrich Schwarz
Hofmann Andreas Dieter Heermann Genome Organization in Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes Dieter Heermann Michael Hausmann
Jia Jiying Dieter Heermann Modeling of Three-dimensional Structure of Genome Dieter Heermann Dr. Remus T. Dame
Jäger Julia Ulrich Schwarz Remodeling of red blood cells by malaria parasites Ulrich Schwarz Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Michael Lanzer
Klein Angelika Bernd Jähne Image Processing and Visualization of Small-scale Air-Sea Exchange Processes Bernd Jähne Filip Sadlo
Krispin Karsten Bernd Jähne Large Scale Multi-Model Sensor Fusion with Uncertainties using Unstructured Lightfields for Reference Data Generation in Computer Vision Bernd Jähne Filip Sadlo
(#) Ksoll Victor Francisco unknown Astronomy (Application of Machine Learning) Ralf Klessen P.D. Dr. Ullrich Köthe (HCI)
Mwangi Gerald Christoph Garbe Joint Depth and Optical Flow Estimation using a Graphical Model Christoph Garbe Fred Hamprecht
(#) Pape Constantin Anna Kreshuk Large-scale Automatic Segmentation of Neurites from EM-Imaging Fred Hamprecht
Schnellbächer Nikolas David Ulrich Schwarz Spatial aspects and stochastic dynamics of interferon signaling Ulrich Schwarz Thomas Höfer
Sonja Friman Bernd Jähne Optical Imaging, Image Analysis and Visualization of Air-sided Small-Scale Air-Sea Interactions Bernd Jähne Filip Sadlo
Taheri Fereydoon Christoph Garbe Analysis of space-time correlations of diffusing particles in viscoelastic media Jörg Langowski Christoph Garbe
Name Responsible supervisor Title of thesis PI Supervisor 2nd supervisor
Raun Karl Hjalte Maack Armin Volkmann LIDAR based semi-automatic pattern recognition within an archaeological landscape Jörg Langowski Thomas Meier